Has technology changed the way we learn?

Technology in the form of digitilization and ubiquitousness of information has infiltrated and, in a way, improved many aspects of our daily personal and professional lives. The question, however, which has inspired this post asks whether in the educational context, technology has changed the fundamental aspects of what it means to learn, or acquire a new competence.  Based on the level that the question is interpreted, the answer can be both a yes and a no. Continue reading

Medical Education in the digital age

Ι was recently invited to give a keynote at MEI 2015, the Medical Education Informatics conference that took place in Greece in June. A very well organised event held at the premises of the Research Dissemination Centre of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, a model environment for running conferences and interactive events.  Continue reading

CTEL Blog Analytics (up to April 2015)

This post takes a look at the analytics collected for the blog, from its inception up to April 2015. Metrics include:

  • Overview
  • Device overview
  • Article popularity


An average of around 135 sessions per month, but this number is not accurate since in the beginning the blog was not publicized much. Also, data shows that most of the users accessing the blog are first time visitors.  Continue reading

Teamseer management system

As our department has grown over the last two years, it was decided that a less manual annual leave recording process should be introduced. Luckily the HR page on the intranet had information about a software called Teamseer which seemed to allow for a fully automated recording and reporting system for all staff annual leave, sick days and miscellaneous absences that meant staff were away from work. I got in contact with the Teamseer account manager for King’s and was able to set up a pilot to test the system before purchasing it.  Continue reading