Courses for teachers of Computing in London

CAS London Conference 2017

CAS London coordinates a yearly conference, where master teachers, university staff and other educators deliver a day of training to over 100 London teachers. This will be taking place at Gladesmere Community School again this year, on Saturday February 25th.  Book here.

Short courses
We are running a rolling programming of courses for KS3, KS4 and KS5 teachers of Computing.

Teach KS3 Computing

This course is for teachers new to teaching Computing and is an introduction to Python programming and Computing at KS3. This course has just started so booking is now closed (but will run again in January 2018).

Teach Algorithms and Data Structures at A-Level

Starts 1st March. Every Wednesday for 5 weeks 5pm to 7.30 pm

The course will focus on the elements of the A-Level Computing Curriculum relating to algorithms and data structures in both AQA, Eduqas and OCR syllabii. Sessions will contain a mix of theory and programming exercises.

· Week 1 – Data Structures
· Week 2 – Recursion
· Week 3 – Searching and Sorting
· Week 4 – Graphs and Trees
· Week 5 – Graph & Tree Traversals

Book here

Courses starting soon

  • Teach GCSE Computing  – starts Monday 24th April for 10 weeks
  • Teach Object-Oriented Programming at A-Level – starts June for 5 weeks
  • Teach databases in Python for A-Level – starts November for 5-weeks

King’s College London short courses have been specifically developed by CAS London. Courses for A-Level teachers, GCSE teachers and KS3 Computing teachers have been developed, and these courses target crucial gaps in secondary education provision. Resources for the courses have been developed by CAS Master Teachers working with KCL and QMUL academics: this work is funded by Mayor of London monies. The courses are delivered by Master Teachers, thus affording a sustainable long term model of CPD provision. In addition, the work with CAS London feeds into, and is informed by, research carried out by the computer science education team at King’s College London.

There are a lot more events to go to that you can access froLaunchMeeting1m the CAS London web pages.