CAS London update

We are pleased to announce that our funding has been renewed for another two years to 31st March 2018. This is fantastic news for all involved.

CAS London is a jointly-run collaboration of the School or Education, Communication and Society at King’s College London (KCL) and the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary University London (QMUL) .  Across London, we are now supporting over 60 CAS Master teachers and some 25 CAS hubs.

CAS London is a regional centre for Computing At School – there are 10 in total across England. Funding has been provided for these by the Department for Education. The objective of the regional centres is to support teachers of Computing with professional development opportunities, resources and peer-to-peer support through a network of Master Teachers (experienced lead teachers) and Hubs (local groups offering free-to-attend networking events).

Read much more about CAS London here (scroll down for blog posts about what has been happening recently).  Or follow us on Twitter: :@cas_london_crc

If you are interested in becoming a Master Teacher or running a CAS Hub please contact Jane Waite (jane.waite AT If you would like to receive our regular newsletter please join CAS and make sure you add your location.

At King’s CAS London team members are: Jane Waite, Dr Sue Sentance and Jo Brodie. At QMUL, CAS London team members are Professor Paul Curzon, Dr William Marsh and again Jo Brodie.