The hottest week

If my previous post was more a weather update, this one won’t be…

I can definitely affirm that the week ending today has been one of the heaviest one so far…it was the “hottest” I have ever had, in terms of workload.
Reading through the pages I am sure it has filtered out that we look at islets biology from a 360 degrees approach and, yes, I am sure you had already been able to understand that we do work on animal models too. Moreover we are also lucky to be part of a research program that allows us to use human biological samples donated for research. Of course there are strict regulation on the usage of these samples and everything is done under a very tight ethical permission…so no worries, we are not any crazy psychos!

Well, in terms of experiments, this week has been very packed (or stressing if you prefer) because we have had the combination of already planned mouse experiments with an unexpected arrival of human samples: to cut a long story short the last non-work thing I can recall was on june 27th…and I realised only now it is July 4th! (ah, by the way, happy Independence Day to any American reader and happy belated Canada Day to those who are Canadians!). So if I have learned on my own skin that science is nothing easy, I have now learnt that the scientific agenda might become unpredictable as well and that it is mandatory to be able to juggle around a little bit to accommodate with all our eagerness of knowledge! (or if you prefer a more chemical terminology, we all need to be able to “buffer” the unpredictable!)

But please, don’t read this as a down-side feature: it really means I have had a great acceleration on my project(s)…more results to come in the very near future, sooner than expected!

PS: the post had remained in the “draft” folder for something like a month before I realised it wasn’t published…apparently I am still fighting with the blog platform!

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