Why choose TRS?

The KCL TRS department offers modules on Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism.

We’ve all been there. You’re sat around the dinner table explaining why the humanities degree you want to do is important and assuring your family that you’re going to end up with a career at the end of it. Giorgia’s blog post explores some of the benefits of a degree within the Theology and Religious Studies (TRS) department here at King’s College London.

Choosing Between the Different Degree Pathways – RPS vs. RPE

Some people make the choice of what to study at University purely on what they are interested in, and others make a practical choice based on a future career. Some throw themselves in headfirst with no idea where they will end up. I know many humanities students, including myself, who fall into an existential crisis, worrying if they have made a good choice! When it comes to the Department of Theology & Religious Studies, and making the choice between Religion, Politics & Society BA, and Religion, Philosophy & Ethics BA, I’m here to argue there is no bad choice.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “But crazy blog lady, of course you’re going to be biased, you’re already in the department so of course you’d think that there’s no bad choice!” Well, you may be somewhat right, but I’m hoping that by sharing a little bit of why I chose to study Religion, Philosophy and Ethics BA you might be persuaded to my side of the fence.

The KCL TRS department offers modules on Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism.

The Practical Implications

From a young age I was very determined that I wanted to make some sort of difference in the world; I had no idea what form that might take or how I could go about it, but that feeling was absolute. I fell in love with Philosophy and Ethics at A-Level because of some incredible teachers, and I was torn between studying Music or Philosophy for my degree. But sat there, nagging in the back of my head, was this mission of mine to help the world in some way.

I was lucky that I knew from the first open day I wanted to be at King’s College London no matter what I studied. And once I took a good look at the TRS department and the modules they offered I was pleasantly surprised: History, Anthropology, Philosophy, Politics and Art History modules all under one roof, and all incorporated into one degree. It was in the department that my belief that theology plays a central role to everything we know and understand, was cemented.

I had decided by this point that I could make a difference through a career in post-conflict stabilisation, and it made more sense to me to study within the TRS department than to take up an International Relations degree. In my view, most conflict is either caused by ancient religious historical ties, or the co-option of religion for political gain. And I was studying the core of the cause, religion, and philosophy itself.

Why I Feel Lucky

I finally had a witty rebuttal to anyone who ever questioned my choice of degree or laughed at me for ‘wasting my time’ in humanities! But jokes aside, we’ve moved a long way on from the dusty Religious Studies GCSE; TRS is a field of study that just continues to give, no matter if you want to stay in academia, do something practical, or you’re just here for the adventure.

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