Top 5 things I love about studying Film

By Farhana


Film Studies at KCL is an experience that allows you to explore a wide spectrum of worldwide cinema, focusing on exemplary media pieces from all around the globe. In addition to gaining a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the moving images, the course enables students to develop their own palettes for cinema and media. There are countless reasons why studying Film at King’s is the perfect opportunity to grow as a media student and to develop a career.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I personally love studying Film at King’s:

1. Screenings   

Film screenings are considered as one of the most exciting aspects of studying the course. Regardless of whether you are watching movies being projected at one of King’s lecture theatres or have online access to the movies from the comfort of your own home, King’s offers a top-notch screening experience that is catered to you as an individual. No matter where you are viewing the assigned films, your viewing experience will always be rich in quality and comfort while providing you with plenty of opportunities to develop your literacy in media and film.  

2. Diversity  

At King’s, you will never get bored of studying Film, since the course offers an extremely varied film selection with content ranging from mainstream blockbusters to independent art house films. Moreover, Film Studies does an amazing job at including movies from different cultures, allowing students to expand their knowledge of the industry and how it works globally. In addition to ensuring that students are offered exposure to a range of content, the diversity of films helps students to learn the aesthetics of moving images from different cultures, genres and production styles.  

3. Internships/ Workshops  

 At the end of your Film course, you will not only have fully qualified with a degree but will also have massive career opportunities ahead of you, promising an optimistic future within the industry. The Film department has a variety of links and connections to get you started when considering your career. Internships are the perfect way to network and find established companies with whom you may prefer to work in the future. King’s College London also has an amazing selection of programmes that can help you earn a placement. Furthermore, there are many workshops put in place to help students with their degree, course and career planning.  

 4. Production  

King’s provides plenty of opportunities and encourages students to create mini projects and video essays to put their film making skills into practice. The Department of Film studies further provides students with access to a set of tools, including professional cameras, audio equipment, and editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, which they can use during the creation process. This is the perfect way to refine your production and creative skills as it allows you to not only enhance your knowledge but also gain valuable practical experience.  

 5. Location  

 King’s is located within the heart of London where you can discover numerous sights and places that can help you with the course that you may be studying. Here, you’re able to visit many cinemas that offer incredible screening experiences such as the IMAX. You will also be near amazing media companies, museums and establishments like the BFI, the Tate Modern, the Institute of contemporary art, and more. Not only will you have an amazing educational experience but will be offered with various opportunities to guide you through your course and degree.  


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