Thanksgiving: What’s it REALLY like to spend Thanksgiving away from home?

Elana studies English Language and Literature BA and is from the USA.
Elana studies English Language and Literature BA and is from the USA.

It can be a bit sad being away from America during such a quintessential holiday. How could you live without that massive meal with the whole family? But honestly, being away from home for Thanksgiving isn’t really so bad — you’ll get to share the Thanksgiving traditions with people who’ve never experienced the magic. It may even give you a whole new appreciation for what Thanksgiving is all about. Here’s a few tips for how to make your U.K. Thanksgiving extra special!

Thanksgiving 3 Thanksgiving 2

1. Share the thanksgiving tradition with your friends here! Here’s some photos from mine last year. Make all the things that make Thanksgiving unique. Prepare a Turkey with your friends, and have lots of mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce! Or if you’re veggie (like me), make a quorn feast, or just start a new tradition with mac and cheese or whatever your favourite is. Your new friends will love getting involved in everything American!

2. Go somewhere in London for a Thanksgiving feast. Check out these links for just a few suggestions of where you could go! But just google thanksgiving in London to find loads more options.

Thanksgiving in London 2017

Thanksgiving dinner in Putney, London

Thanksgiving at Blues Kitchen

3. Skype with your family for a few minutes so you can be a part of the fun back home too! I think skyping was originally my mom’s idea, but it was actually so nice to be able to say hello to my family and share a bit of Thanksgiving together.
Thanksgiving 4

4. Share 7 things you’re grateful for this year. It can be a really nice way to look back at your year and realize how much you have to be thankful for.

5. One thing I always do during thanksgiving when I’m at home is go volunteer! My family and I go and help make a Thanksgiving meal for others who wouldn’t be able to have one otherwise. After all, we all take so much for granted, and nothing helps us realize that more than helping others.

Finally, there’s no right way to celebrate Thanksgiving! Though you probably already have so many Thanksgiving traditions, this can be an opportunity to start some new ones. Being away from home can give you a fresh perspective on what the holiday really means to you!


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