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Welcome to our first Blog post from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at King’s College London!

Why we decided to write a blog

We’ve spent some time here in the marketing team trying to decide what you want to hear from us and how you want to hear from us. The consensus was, the best way is through our students. So we’ve started this blog (1st official blog post today!) where our student ambassadors are going to share with you their ideas around some of the key questions, ideas, and things they get up to at King’s… not only that, we’ve also talked some of our academics into writing a blog post or two!

You’re not alone – we’ve been there too…

We, in the marketing team, have all attended university at some point or another, whether it was overseas or in the UK, so we know what you’re going through and we know it can be a difficult decision. We wanted to give you some more (interesting) information, (hopefully) addressing questions that you’re wondering before you’ve even started to look. For us, we shared most of the same things we considered when choosing a uni; what will I study, which hall do I want to live in, will I be far enough away from my parents, and what’s going on in the city i.e. will I have any FUN!? One thing we all agreed on was we absolutely loved our time at uni!

Stick around for the ride…or blog… or Snapchat… or Instagram…

Whether you’re considering History, Classics, a language or a joint honours, I think you’ll enjoy the blogs that’ll feature on here. They’ll give you the honest, surprising and oh-so-exciting side of the King’s Arts and Humanities Faculty that you probably haven’t heard of before. From here we’ll leave it up to the student ambassadors (they’re super excited to start writing)! Make sure you jump onto our Instagram or Snapchat if you want to follow daily snippets of what they’re up to.

Between the Acts

In case you were wondering, the name of our Blog ‘Between the Acts’ is a little reference to a book that was written by one of our famous Alumni, Virginia Woolf, who studied Greek, Latin, German and History here at King’s, and then became a pioneer in modernist novels and the women’s movement.


Victoria, Ellen and Helen.

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities

King’s College London



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