Career options when studying English at university

Samuel - BA English
Samuel - BA English

Some degrees have obvious career pathways, such as Dentistry, Medicine and Law, but other subjects aren’t quite so obvious. Do you love studying English, Psychology or History, but don’t know what career they will lead you into? Fear not! Samuel, an undergraduate English student, tells us about all of the things he has done alongside his degree and using the skills he’s learnt whilst studying.

Read Samuel’s experience:

My venture into careers at King’s has been an interesting one. In my first year, I founded Strand Magazine at the university and since then, things have been good for me. I was selected to work at Penguin’s Strand office for work experience before getting a writing and editorial internship at a magazine in London. This happened after talking to and meeting the editor during a painting course at The Art Academy in Borough!

I also got a job as a King’s student ambassador while filling in for an empty spot, so I have the opportunity to talk to loads of people about the university and about my degree, which has helped me decide what it is that I enjoy and have particular interests in. And thanks to the Strand Magazine, I’ve been offered a Marketing internship at the Tate!

Entering third year, I still don’t quite know what I want to go into. All I can advise you is to be approachable, knowledgeable and down-to-earth. My work experience came from writing and talking to people and stepping outside of my comfort zone. London is full of opportunity, you just have to look for it and shine when you get them.

In the future, I’ll be using the King’s careers services to perfect my CV, going to ‘creative careers’ events around the city and keeping an eye out for any opportunities I can get a hold of. Wish me luck!

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