A little insight into why I like the CMCI Bachelor at KCL

Loraine's London

By Loraine 


Culture, Media, and Creative Industries as a course offers a variety of opportunities for the students to develop their careers in their respective fields of choice. 

In this blog, I will explain 5 things about my course that make it unique and enriching:


Very large field of study  

Culture, Media, and Creative Industries is an undergraduate course known for its diverse fields of studies. From film, music, fashion and semiotics analysis of marketing campaigns, to even the gaming industry and museums, there is plenty to focus on. Each module is designed to prompt critical thinking in relation to representation and other issues in such fields. Having such a large number of topics to learn about makes the course really interesting and fun to explore! We also get optional modules from other departments. For example, last semester I took one called ‘Introduction to Filmmaking (Digital Video)’, where we make actual films both in groups and individually. 


Creative Assignments  

This course has the word ‘creative’ in it, which means it is bound to have some creative aspect to it for you to explore. Instead of having exams every semester like in most other courses, we only have assignments and they too come in creative forms. Sometimes we have to write essays, and other times we have to make group presentations where we are required to pick a marketing case study and do a semiotic analysis of it. One module assigned a documentary video on a topic of our choice. We even had a group work that needed us to create an artifact (my group and I created an Instagram account). All I am saying is that I am not a great test taker, and thus, having these creative forms of assignments makes my university life so much nicer. 


Lasting friendships 

High school for me was not as joyful and pretty as High School Musical makes it seem, and I am sure a few of you have been there as well. Trust me, however, when I say I have made the best friendships in this course and in my university time. The people in our course come from all over the world, making it diverse and super fun! On top of that, there are societies for almost all nationalities which allow you to meet other students from your culture and feel a little more at home. On my part, I have become so close to some that I have decided to live with two of them next year! 


King’s Opportunity  

Every month, the CMCI department sends us a Newsletter letting us know of the upcoming networking opportunities and other events with doctors and scholars in our field. All the events are related to our course, which makes them extremely useful and fruitful for extra understanding concerning our field of interest. On top of that, every week, the department also sends us extracurricular events happening around the city in regards to the creative industries such as exhibitions or film showcases that relate to our studies. This is really an amazing way to expand your interests and activities from just school-based learning, and the CMCI department does a wonderful job at advertising that!  


Optional Year Abroad  

London is one of the best cities in the world. It offers so much to do, so much to discover and see, and I personally will never get tired of it! But out of those 3 university years, the course offers a semester abroad in so many different cities around the globe. It is an amazing opportunity to discover new cultures, meet new people, while studying about the creative industries. The partner schools are all extremely well ranked which would give you an amazing extra to put on your CV next to KCL. Overall, this course really has many options and pathways to guide us to our best careers in the creative industries.  

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