Summer Days: A trip to Greenwich


Ah Summers! What wouldn’t one give to have a nice summer day in Britain. London is the most beautiful and lively during summers. It’s never too late to go on a walk neither it’s too early, because it gets dark only for a couple of hours. Here, I bring to you the London I discovered during this Summer and I must say it’s nothing less than beautiful.


The Emirates Air Line : Cable Car to the O2

One of the places you might want to visit is the Greenwich Royal Observatory which i did one fine summer morning. Many people of London do frown upon the Emirates cable car which has been erected out of nowhere in the middle of the city of London. As, i stay just in front of it on the other side (The Royal Docklands) i decided to take a cable car ride to the Greenwich instead of the Tube (Taking the tube had become too mainstream!). And it might be surprising to many as this was the first time i was gonna sit in this cable car for the first time (though living right in front of it for almost a year now). It was amazing to see London from a different point of view and also I could use my Oyster Card here to travel so this made my case for taking the cable  car to the O2 stronger :p .

The O2

View of The O2 from the Cable Car

The view up here is simply mesmerizing; at least i had a nice view of the O2 and the Canary Wharf. It takes almost 5 to 6 minutes for the whole journey but was worth it and for me it was the fastest way to get to the O2. I was to take a bus later to the Royal Observatory. One advice would be to always carry a bottle of water while travelling anywhere during Summers as London gets terribly hot and the occasional sips of water do help in preventing dehydration. Once, you get down from the bus you walk into yet another beautiful masterpiece of architecture in London. The Queen’s House and the stretch of lush green grass surrounding the whole of the area.

queens house

The Queen’s House

There’s a small museum inside which pays tribute to the war heroes who fought in the wars and the entry is free. After that one can either visit the Maritime museum which is right besides the Queen’s House or you can choose to go to the Royal Observatory which is atop a hill behind the Queen’s House.


Royal Observatory Greenwich

After climbing, you have reached the Royal Observatory where the discovery of the Greenwich mean time (G.M.T) took place. Inside there is also the GMT line, the 0 degree longitude line. The museum takes you through the journey of how the clocks were invented or how they started measuring time.

gmt line

The 0 degree longitude line : Also known as the G.M.T line



After having a good look and enjoying the cool breeze up on the hill, we began to go down the hill and the view from up there was very beautiful. A picture which is a perfect example of Contrast architecture:

canary wharf

Canary wharf from the Royal Observatory


Then, there’s the National maritime Museum which houses some splendid examples of workmanship and art. there are small scaled models of the ships which were used by england during the wars and during the olden days which is worth your eyes. And all of this at a cost of zero!

Below i have clicked some pictures which are surely going to make you amazed by the beauty with which they were created.

had an amazing day out after a long time. At the end i ll like to quote some lines by John Ruskin:

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.