The big festival of Exams @ KCL

Exams!! A word which sends a shiver to many of our spines depending on the context it is used in. Pre exam sure is a nightmare to many people but of course the post exam infuses that excitement, that feeling of happiness in everyone. I am sure into that phase at the moment. The last month has been an awfully stressful for the students of King’s College as it had been the preparatory month and there’s been nothing else on the mind other than the final exams.


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People spend a whole year studying and preparing for this big moment, which decides the fate of many of us students. Those lectures, assignments and coursework and hours spent in the library and I am sure that each of the students had prepared and given in their 100 percent of the efforts to prepare for these final exams which take place at the Excel Exhibition centre.

Kcl Exams

Well, I would like to go into the details and give you some insight about the whole process (Yes! I would definitely call it a well planned process because these exams are planned right at the beginning of the year). I have personally been used to giving exams here in India and I would say that there certainly is a big difference.  In India, first of all I haven’t seen almost 2000 people sitting in the same room and writing exam for 3 hours. This is sure going to sound very surprising to many of you because, yeah that’s the reality 2000 people sitting in the same big hall and writing exam simultaneously.

When, I first heard that the exams were going to be conducted at the Excel exhibition centre I was very happy as it is situated right besides where I live. But, it sure did make a lot of people frown because they had to commute a bit longer than they did at the college. A lot of efforts were taken by the student union to change the venue of our exams but they were unfruitful in their attempts. Personally I was delighted (though it may sound selfish on my part, but then again I do understand that it is quite feasible for the college to manage such a huge number of students writing exams at the same time in a big venue such as the Excel).

Excel exhibition centre

When I first appeared for the exams I was literally taken aback after looking at the number of students who had come to write the exam with me and I was like What! 2k people at the same time. I mean I did anticipate that there’s going to be a huge number as Excel was chosen to be the venue but never imagined such a huge number. It did give me chills and was quite scared as the number in itself made me overwhelmed. The whole of the hall is divided into 4 zones and there are 500 students in each of those zones. Each zone is monitored by almost I would say around 5 to 6 supervisors (though I am not sure) but they are really helpful and quick in helping out students with stationary or any other help. Well, what I found a bit annoying is the instructions which are given out at the start of each paper through the PA system. But, then I do understand that these are necessary as there is a possibility that there might be a new student everyday who might not know what to do in a particular situation. And, yes of course no one can forget the ticking clock which is displayed on a huge screen on the front side of the hall which does make many hearts skip a beat; especially during those last 15 minutes.


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But, I must say I came out relaxed at the end as it was not that bad as I must have imagined at the start of the paper. In fact, after writing papers for two consecutive semesters has made me quite comfortable with the fact that I have these many people with me giving their exams with me at the same time. The whole scenario is one of its kinds and certainly quite different than I have had experienced before. I soon became quite used to it and now it doesn’t seem strange at all. Rather, I would say it has become so familiar that it seems I’ve been used to writing papers in this way since quite long now.

Anyways, now that it’s over now i am quite certain that many students are quite relaxed now and must be preparing for the next phase. For Master’s students it’s the time for dissertation and for many others it’s just an year which has passed and are waiting for the next one to come. And yet for many others, they might have started with job hunting and others are simply relaxing and having a merry time at home or at some other place. I give in my best wishes to all of them and wish them good luck for the upcoming days.