Collaborative Translation Project: Pilot Session

Over the coming weeks, students from King’s College London will team up with French students from Université du Maine in an effort to collaboratively translate two French passages into English. Students will be utilizing Google’s video conferencing platform: Hangouts.

A few minutes ago we successfully completed the first (pilot) session. After a few initial technical hiccups, students started having enthusiastic and lively discussions. The pilot session allows the students to familiarize themselves with the technology and with their collaborating partner. Moreover, it enables the technical team to scope out the most common problems and find solutions before the real activity takes place.

Next week, the students will be starting their translation work on the passages.

Translation Project Henri IV Paris – KCL

Dr Soizick Solman and her colleague in Paris (Monsieur Fabien Greneche, Lycée Henri IV, Hypokhâgne et Khâgne littéraires) are organizing a collaborative translation project between student-volunteers in both institutions. While collaborating, students are free to utilize web-based communication tools such as Skype or Google+ hangouts. Continue reading

Second Language Learning through Video Conferencing

Last semester (SEM2 11~12) students from King’s College London teamed up with French students from Université du Maine in an effort to collaboratively translate a French passage from “La vie devant soi” (Romain Gary-Emile Ajar, 1975) into English.

The innovation of this attempt at collaborative translation is the fact that the students are utilizing EVO (, a video-conferencing platform that supports user communication through the instant messaging and audio-video channels. Users in EVO can create and participate in virtual meeting rooms and initiate collaborative learning sessions.
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