Interview: Dr Rosie Wyles on Recording Student Presentations

This interview refers to student activities set up by Dr. Rosie Wyles for module 5AACGT03 Lucian, for Semester 1 of academic year 12-13.

Q: What TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) tools and activities did your students engage with this semester?
A: In the final week of the course, I recorded student presentations of about 10 minutes on a flip camera.  Continue reading

Dr Bridget Conor podcast on screenwriting, creativity and gender

Dr Bridget Conor was interviewed recently by Professor Toby Miller from City University London for Toby’s Cultural Studies podcast. The podcasts involve discussions with cultural studies researchers, artists and activists about culture and the media. As Toby puts it, Bridget “shows no mercy” in their discussion about screenwriting, creativity and gender.  Continue reading

Interview: Dr. Aaron Rosen on podcasting


Podcast locations in London

Dr. Aaron Rosen, in collaboration with his colleague Dr. Thomas Marks, has put together a series of podcasts for the first semester of his module  4AAYLIB: FOUNDATIONS: LIVES OF LONDON. The module looks at the experiences of the impoverished and anonymous as well as London’s more famous denizens, catching revealing glimpses of the changing life of the city itself.  The module proceeds chronologically and geographically, studying the social and cultural lives of given areas during particular periods.
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