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 “E-learning as ‘a range of activities, from the effective use of digital resources and learning technologies in the classroom, through to a personal learning experience enabled through individual access at home or elsewhere.” – Department for Education and Skills, 2002.

The King’s E-learning and Teaching Service (KEATS) is a learning management system (LMS) available to all schools/departments across the College. This on-line system has been designed to support teaching and learning, providing functionality that can support, enhance and extend the same kinds of activities that would take place with a traditional teaching approach.

KEATS launched on the 17th of September 2012, and is based on Moodle v2.

“Moodle is by far the most popular open source LMS and perhaps the most popular LMS in existence, with over 6 million on-line or blended learning courses in 200 countries, that 58 million students attend with the support of more than 1 million teachers.” -1st Moodle Research Conference, 2012.

The School of Arts & Humanities is one of the UK’s most prestigious and comprehensive faculties of its kind. Within the College, the school has constantly maintained a position at the forefront of all Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) developments, ensuring that students and staff benefit from learning technologies’ capacity to enhance face-to-face experience.The goal of this blog is to utilize this momentum, providing support and motivating academics to push the boundaries of their everyday teaching practices.

>> King’s College London, “Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy“.

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