Whats new in KEATS?


Starting on Monday the 8th July KEATS will be upgraded to the latest version. The upgrade will help improve the stability of the system and fix known issues within the software.

As well as improved system performance, there are a number of new features available, such as an improved user interface for tutors and students, and an improved drag and drop file upload functionality.

Improved user interface

The most noticeable change is that the KEATS icons have been improved, not only for the resources and activities, but also for the editing options.

New icon sets

A new icon has been included to help speed editing up for tutors is the Edit title icon. This icon allows tutors to edit the name of any resource or activity directly on the course page.

New edit titles feature

The activity chooser pleases the two separate menus for resources and activities; you can now simply click on the link + Add an activity or resource in the appropriate topic area.New add activity block

Drag and Drop File Upload

Another welcomed change is the ability to drag files from your desktop straight over to KEATS. This functionality works for both teachers adding resources to a KEATS course and students submitting course work.

Drag and drop file picker



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