Star Rating Widget

What is a Rating-Widget?

Inside KEATS, you can add a Star Rating System underneath each of the educational resources or activities. 

Why should I add a Rating System for my website?

The Star Rating System allows you to get instant feedback from your students, on the quality of your site content. Whether it’s a document, web page, image or what ever piece/element of your website that you want rated. Plus it’s fully customizable and free.

How do I add the Rating System?

  1. First access the webpage:
  2. You can customize the rating system by editing the settings.
  3. At the bottom of the page click on “</> Get Widget”
  4. Click on “Generate User-Key”
  5. Copy all the code that is presented
  6. Inside your KEATS module space, access the settings of the resource that you’d like to be rated. On the HTML side of the “Description”, paste the code you just copied.
  7. Make sure to check the “Display description on course page” check box
  8. You might need to refresh the KEATS module space for the rating system to appear.

You can add more than one Rating-Widgets in your site. Simply, edit the code you copy by changing the number in the line:  <div class=”rw-ui-container rw-urid-38″></div>


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