For Baby’s Sake video launched to highlight working with parents to prevent intergenerational violence


The charity For Baby’s Sake have launched a video focusing on parenting, babies and domestic violence. Emma Lazenby a film maker from Bristol worked with the charity to use a couple’s individual testimonies to highlight how the charity is working with parents to stop the intergenerational transmission of violence. Baby’s Sake Programme works with the whole family to deal with trauma and the complex needs that are often not addressed for parents who are born into dysfunctional and abusive relationships.

For Baby’s Sake programme has been running since 2015, an evaluation led by King’s College London and published in May 2020, identified it as the first programme of its kind to ‘fill an important gap in provision’ through its ‘unique approach’, working with the whole family and starting in pregnancy, when babies need protection and parents are motivated to change.

You can access the video here.