Call to action – UK government to prioritise perpetrator programmes

A Call to Action was launched yesterday focusing on domestic violence and the need for more perpetrator programmes in the UK. Thank you so much for those of you who took part in this campaign to hold perpetrators to account. Please share it with all your contacts and feel free to upload to your website. If you want to use the link the strategy is available here.

The publishers of the strategy SAFELIVES and RESPECT have noted that almost 80 organisations have signed up and are delighted to have support from the DA commissioner and the CPS. Nicole Jacobs,DA Commissioner, has said:

“I support the call on Government to publish a Strategy on Perpetrators of Domestic Abuse. Current prevention work is patchy and too often perpetrators go unchallenged and are not offered opportunities to change their abusive behaviour. Everyone, from public servants to the private sector to the man or woman on the street needs to know that they can call out abusive behaviour when they see it and that there are systems in place hold abuser accountable and to offer support to change.” 

And Baljit Ubhey, Director of Strategy and Policy at the CPS has said:

We support the call for a perpetrator strategy that sees public services working closely together to tackle offending and to ensure that victims areproperly protected by the justice system.”

You may also be interested to see the results of the University of Bristol’s final evaluation of the Drive project, which we have released today and which help make the case for a full perpetrator strategy. These show that quality perpetrator interventions can and do work.