Mental health blamed for 18 year old woman being murdered by her partner








An 18 year old woman Natasha Hill was stabbed 53 times and murdered by her partner in Greenwich, her partner Scott Clifford was sentenced this week to 18 years in prison. Her family had been concerned for some time about his controlling behaviour and that he would kill her. The judge added that Natasha would have suffered ‘extreme pain’ during the assault, because of a single ‘prolonged’ attack or because she woke up briefly after he fractured her skull. The attack occurred after Scott had been drinking all day and when the ambulance staff arrived he pretended she had fallen down the stairs drunk.

The trial also heard how Clifford in 2012 had attacked his ex-girlfriend Michelle Bateman, she gave evidence that he had jumped on her and punched her multiple times and described how afterwards he blamed his violence onĀ  a split personality and alter-ego called ‘Ronnie’. You can read more about the case here.