AVA and AGENDA European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction report on health and social responses to drug problems

AVA AGENDA iop report


Agenda and Against Violence and Abuse (AVA) have recently published a literature review on what constitutes a gender sensitive service for women experiencing multiple disadvantage exploring some of the key components from a range of sources across both the grey and peer reviewed literature. Following in the footsteps of the the report ‘Women and Girls at risk: evidence across the life course’ (McNeish & Scott 2014), the review is now being used to undertake a national mapping of gender sensitive services in order to build a better picture of service delivery for women with experiences of multiple forms of disadvantage.

Agenda is an alliance of over 70 organisations who have come to gather to campaign for better services for women facing multiple disadvantage such as problematic substance use, mental ill-health, homelessness and violence. AVA is a national organisation working to end all forms of gender based violence  through the production of resources, learning, policy, research and prevention work. Further information about their work can be found online www.weareagenda.org  and www.avaproject.org.uk

You can download the report here