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Abigail Burgess:

Abi Burgess is a community nurse working with Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and has been working in the health and social care sector since 2012. She gained a BSc degree in Adult Nursing from King’s College London, as well completing the King’s Leadership and Professional Skills Award. On graduating she became an Associate of King’s College; and published her dissertation on the subject of women living with HIV in the International Journal of Clinical Nursing. Abi currently lives in Lewisham, London, and is embarking on an MSc in Psychology in the coming academic year.

Anna Doyle

I am currently in my second year of BSc Mental Health Nursing. I completed a degree previously in BSc Criminology and Social Policy due to my interest in the impacts of social inequality and my desire to work with people who end up marginalised and excluded.  I applied to the student internship as I felt it was the perfect opportunity to bring together my interest in health and social policy. I am really looking forward to working with everyone and the chance to learn and make a difference in the project ahead.

Adina Haffeez

Adina is  medical student at King’s College London. As a member of the Royal Society of Medicine Student Section Council she has co-chaired the RSM student policy initiative 2017, focussing on the mental health and wellbeing of medical students. Aside from student policy, Adina has a keen interest in healthcare entrepreneurship and innovation which has landed her a place to be on the medical advisory board of DemDx. Her interest in medical politics has seen her be invited to appear on the Victoria Derbyshire programme discussing the junior doctor contract reforms. Adina was nominated by King’s College London to attend the global leadership summer school at Tsinghua University in Beijing, hosted by the Schwartzman scholars. Clinical leadership, health policy and innovation form the pillars of her interest.

Alexander Lee

Alex is a medical student at King’s College London where his innovation earned him the Education Strategy 2022 prize. Alex also holds a Bachelor in Laws with First Class Honours from the University of Surrey. He is an avid volunteer with St John Ambulance acting as a District Youth Officer to manage youth activities in Cambridgeshire and also provides clinical event cover as an Emergency Transport Attendant. In his remaining time, Alex works as a Care Support Worker in the local hospital with hopes of saving for a holiday. He aims to help create a sustainable future for the NHS.

Chris Jacklin

I am Chris Jacklin, I am currently in my second year of study for the MBBS medical degree program.  I have a previous degree in Osteopathic medicine and 5 years experience working in the health sector, predominantly for a large bioengineering firm. I grew up in Northumberland, very close to Hadrian’s wall, but have lived in London for the past 10 years.  I enjoy outdoor pursuits, especially cycling and hiking.

Christabel Nti

I am a PGDip Adult Nursing student at King’s. I am passionate about research; I have been involved in a number of research projects among which studies in anti- counterfeit technology for drugs and the administration of drug biologics. I love to travel , act and meeting new people.

Grace Pinn

I am currently studying in my first year of Adult Nursing, and absolutely loving it. My interest in nursing was sparked when I worked as a Nursing Assistant on Salisbury Burns Unit, which was both a fulfilling and extremely challenging experience. Moving to London has also reignited my passion for dance and choreography, and in my small amount of spare time I work on my artistic skills as a jewellery designer. I consider living in Australia for 14 years to be my greatest adventure and I have a few interesting stories to tell about deadly animals checking my mailbox.

Haider Ali Sheikh

Haider Ali Sheikh is a Medical Student at King’s College London and has interests in policy-making, medical research and surgical medicine. Haider joined the NHS Student-Led Commission to continue his pursuit of reforming healthcare in England. As a stakeholder in this incredible organization, Haider has always endeavoured to become a future leader in NHS and help participate in NHS policy-making on an executive scale. Haider was particularly impressed by this projects’ outreach – it was funded by NHS England and the senior leadership directing the project was inspiring. Haider feels fortunate to learn about policy making, particularly health-wise, and has enjoyed working with students/staff from different backgrounds; discussing innovative strategies to tackle NHS challenges. Haider has become aware of NHS struggles and wants to instigate and promote radical changes to our future NHS. The highlight would be organising the Unconference, which greatly tested and developed Haiders’ management and leadership skills.

Jeevitha Thurai

Jeevitha Thurai is currently a Malaysian Masters of Law (LL.M. Transnational Law) student at King’s College London. Previously, she completed a degree in Psychology and taught English at Curtin University in Perth, Australia. Jeevitha then went on to graduate with a second undergraduate degree, this time in law, from King’s College London. She is also the co-founder of a business running global issues workshops for primary aged children back in Malaysia. Jeevitha enjoys reading on a wide range of policy issues, with a special interest in the effective use of technology to increase value delivery and efficiency.

Miranda Weston

I am currently studying Global Health & Social Medicine at King’s College London. I applied to this commission because I am passionate about mental health care, service user-led research, and the future of the NHS. My current research is on the barriers to physical activity for sexual minority women, with a view to using the findings to inform health care policy. Outside of the healthcare arena, I’m mainly interested in intersectional feminism, politics, and dogs.

Maria-Carla Hartescu

My name is Maria-Carla Hartescu, I am 24 and I want to be part of this commission because heath care service and provision has always sparked my interest. I have graduated with a Law Degree and have obtained my Master in Arts on Medical Ethics and Law in January. Discovering, throughout my studies, that medical law appeals to me the most, I now wish to take part in this project which gives me the opportunity to work on perpetuating my beliefs for achieving a better NHS services and creating an NHS in which the public can have full confidence.

Nimra Shahid

I have studied under the Social Science & Public Policy Faculty at King’s College London and I previously worked as a Civil Servant at the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. Alongside my work for the Policy Institute, I coordinate a mentoring program for the non-profit organisation, Muslim Women Connect, which aims to increase social mobility and address mental health issues faced by females of underrepresented backgrounds.

I applied to the NHS England Commission because I want to see a change in a national treasure that has been with me from the day I was born and I hope will stay with me until the day I leave this Earth. Being a part of 15 years forward has given me the incredible opportunity to apply and grow my knowledge of policy making, to work with purpose and make a real difference to the lives of others.

Nathiyaa Thevananth

Nathiyaa is a 2nd year Chemistry student, but her passions extend far beyond science. She has volunteered on behalf of St John Ambulance for 6 years, achieved distinction in grade 6 LAMDA and lead her debating society at school. Since a young age, she has also played chess competitively, which inspired her to start a school chess club. Additionally, she toured around Germany with her choir, including singing at Cologne Cathedral. Her other accolades include being a grade 7 pianist, Bharatanatyam dancer and swimmer. As an empathetic person, who cares about people’s quality of life and emotional welfare, the NHS student-led commission immediately peaked her interest. Having read stories, listened first-hand when speaking to patients in clinics or at the residential home she volunteers at, Nathiyaa wanted to engage in a new experience of creating policies and soon found her place as the project manager of the workforce team.

 Osama Suwar

I have always been interested in public health and helping those that are socially and economically disadvantaged in societies around the world. This partly comes from my upbringing, as I come from an inner city London council housing estate. I managed to do well for myself and get a job at Barclays bank, managing small business accounts. However, I began to dislike sales and decided to pursue a career in medicine, as I have always enjoyed science and working with people. Before entering medicine, I researched the current issues in healthcare and came across the biggest changes to the healthcare system, the introduction of the health and social care bill and its impact on primary care structures and patients. Throughout medical school I have been involved in public health events including the UK’s first national medical debating society. In addition I also took a leading role in the first student-led charity mission to Bangladesh where we set maternal healthcare camps, screened for disease and educated mothers and woman. I have also been involved in my local community as president of a youth organisation called ‘The Youth Factor’. Throughout, I have always used my creative ability to engage with others and understand people, whatever their background, in order to make a difference and find simple solutions to complex problems.

Sonali Nundoochan

My name is Sonali; I am from Mauritius, and I graduated with First Class Honours In International Relations. Learning about the way that the world works and imagining alternative solutions to different challenges we face- be that conflict, poverty, education or disease- is what motivated me to take part in the NHS Student Commission. I am interested in health policy and research, especially within the areas of mental health and education.

Synthia Enyioma

My name is Synthia and I am a 2nd year medical student with a previous degree in Biochemistry. Concurrently I work as an administrator in a private hospital covering multiple departments. I enjoy taking part in healthcare hackathons and last year I won the African healthcare Hackathon landing me with the opportunity to tackle Malnutrition in Northern Nigeria in collaboration with UNICEF. Although I love science, I am also a budding entrepreneur involved in a few very different projects.

Temitope Fisayo

Temitope Fisayo is a medical student at King’s College London with interests in medical research, Global Health, HIV, and anthropology. He is involved with Students for Global Health (formerly Medsin), and has written active policy for the organisation. He is passionate about social justice and the health of marginalised groups, including refugees, migrants, and LGBT+ people of colour. He is also a writer, an athlete, and a language-enthusiast.

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