Even though I am writing this post 2 days after I’ve got the internship offer, I am still very excited at this moment.

Thank you my advisor in internship course, Rhys. I seriously couldn’t have got to this stage without you. You taught me the STAR. And I think it really helps me shine!

He examined my cover letter and taught me how to address my weakness but at the same time put it in a positive way. ‘I am a motivated learner and excited to learn less familiar techniques’, things like this! It’s brilliant, isn’t it? Same applies when I am in an interview. It’s great to acknowledge what shortcoming I may have. This is learnt from my previous interview experience. ‘Talk about things that didn’t go as well as you expected’ this sort of question.

Protecting theatres, protecting the cultural heritage, without being commercially successful is the goal of Theatres Trust. I’ve mentioned previously that I’d love to work in urban regeneration which focuses on culture-led initiatives. This organisation provides advice for theatres who plan to refurbish or take a major capital project. It is true that after the recession, many (well, almost, except the very a few commercially popular ones) theatres are suffering from lack of support financially and other aspects. The Theatres Trust aims to give them the best solution to take care of the theatres.

When I was being interviewed, there were questions which I actually was so not prepared. The managers asked me my opinion on the architecture of the most recent theatre I’ve been to. I am currently interning at Iris Theatre, St. Paul Church. But I had no clue about the architecture… Luckily, while I was at the box office collecting tickets the other day, one old gentleman was telling me the church has been there for three hundreds something more year. And I commented on the acoustic effect of the church which I think it’s perfect for musical performances but difficult for a play to deliver speech. Lines can’t be heard clearly. So that’s my very shallow response. Another question is about capital project. All I know is because of the huge amount of money, any organisation or related government sector should play as cautious as possible.

They said I’ve expressed my motivation and have initiatives. I think that’s because there are so many old cultural buildings in my country that urgently need a sound scheme to either regenerate it or tear it for safety concern. The most important thing I think the state should keep in mind is community mobilisation and institutional support, rather than more state-led flagship buildings. I hope to see more small theatres, promoting and providing places for young artists to develop their passion in arts. As a former composer in music, I’ve always aspired to help artists to find potential fields to develop their career.

The job starts in three days. I am so excited but definitely worried if I am capable of dealing with the task and the dissertation. Finger crossed!

Try STAR, if you haven’t come across this!

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