Food and Friendship!

‘Do you like Chinese food? Or curry? Come dine with me then!’ Cooking and sharing favorite dishes are always my ways of making friends when I am abroad. My flatmates and I organize food party maybe once a month. And I love inviting friends over to cook together.

Let me introduce some of my favorite dishes that are not hard to cook and some dishes my friends have shared with me. Don’t think that I am professional cook and judge me with professional levels. I am just so keen on eating different kinds of food that I cannot bear having sandwiches everyday. (Well, no offense, but people here really are eating lots of bread and sandwiches!)

Roast chicken with honey and soy sauce is very delightful for someone favors sweet flavor! Honey in main dish seemed odd to my Portuguese flatmate but I insisted chicken can be a bit sweet! I mix garlic, sugar and soy sauce to make the sauce and left the chicken marinated for four hours. Some people prefer to leave it overnight so that the flavor is deep inside the drumstick. I know lots of European people prefer chicken breast in dishes but I like drumsticks too. (Juicy and comes with great value!) Before I put the chicken into oven, I applied honey onto it. After left it in the oven for 15 minutes, I took it out and applied another thin layer of honey. The honey helps make the outer layer yellow and a little crispy.

Beef curry with rice is another easy-to-do dish. The tip is to pan fry the beef until medium rare only. After the veges (onion, carrots and I luv apples in it as well!) are pan fried, put the curry paste and water in it. Finally add beef in the curry pot and slowly boil them until everything mix well together!

My American flatmate introduced me a very healthy dish! Roast butternut squash.

I couldn’t believe how easy and how delicious it can be! Simply cut them into half (or a quarter to make it faster to cook). It takes strength to cut them as they have hard skin but the skin will be so soft once it’s cooked. Usually after 30 minutes in the oven, you can smell the fantastic fragrance of the squash and you make sure the top looks a bit dark brown and means inside is already soft.

Cooking for oneself can sometimes be boring so I love inviting some friends to share dishes! Preparing meals makes me eat a wide range of food which I believe is healthier and cheaper saving the service fee at a restaurant. It’s fun and I feel sense of accomplishment every time when I see my food is done! Awesome~

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