Away from the city, an amazing trip

Over the weekend, I had fantastic time with the British host family who are living near Bath, Mr Victor and Mrs Helen Heldon. The opportunity came from Host.UK organisation, which gives international students valuable experience to enjoy a real, proper British family life. My host family is a couple who both worked as dentists and are so generous and friendly. I had a male companion from Malaysia who’s doing undergraduate degree at Reading. He speaks not only English but also fluent Mandarin, to my surprise. He’s Chinese descendent as well. And our host parents have been to many places in the world that include both of our countries. They are very experienced and knowledgeable travellers around the world.

So, the first thing we did was quiz night! I’ve heard of quiz, which people do at pubs but never tried before. I found it so entertaining when everyone was getting more and more excited and fought for the points when they were calculated mistakenly. As I’ve predicted, I could only answer the one related to classical music. But it’s ok. I’ve got the idea! This quiz thing kept coming back into our conversation for these three whole days! Victor would tell us to remember the Latin name of a plant. I don’t have the brain obviously! The moment I tried to remember the world, for example…Christmas rose; the moment I forgot it. And the quiz thing connected to the Sunday morning crosswords game! That’s the first thing after good-morning Victor said to us, ‘ready for the crosswords?’

So besides the joyful conversation we had at home and in the car, we went some local towns and an adventure park, Longleat. Because the weather was unbearably cold, especially during this time of the year, we did not stay out for long. . Before we went, I pictured it as a zoon. But I was completely wrong. Well, the animal part was correct! There is a splendid house owned by an aristocracy and a safari park. I mean, a huge park you stay in the car and watch the wild animals strolling. I was speechless when the tigers were walking in a fashion-show way in front of my eyes. How cool is it? And another lovely big cat, lion, who came in the next section! That was so fun! I mean, in the UK I was enjoying the safari, not in some African countries. Also there are sections for the cute little market, and plumri, whom I saw on the animation Madagascar. The animals are not in a conventional cage but in a more spacious enclosure (in my opinion but not sure if they like it or not).

These wonderful experiences led me think about the beautiful nature of human beings. My host parents were saying that, in the end, we all are the same, from England, Taiwan or Malaysia. Same thing apply to different religions. I mean, how can you judge a person, a place, or even an entire nation, country based on a few incidents you have encountered or you haven’t even encountered but just influenced by the media. The host mum was saying they enjoying having foreign students to come visit them and to better the international relation. I can’t express how grateful and touched I felt about their offering not only to me, but to other students as well. Also, the friends of the host were so kind and generous to invite us to visit Bath someday. How lucky I am to have come to this trip, which might lead me to another trip!

Nothing is better than to feel HOME after being away for seven months. I really felt like I was home with my own room and having meals and outings with my parents and brother. It was such a pleasant trip that I cannot forget! Thank you so much dearest Victor and Helen!

2 thoughts on “Away from the city, an amazing trip

  1. Wow Yi-yu! Your post really makes me want to try something similar. I had a look at the Host UK website and there something calls subscription charge??? So what is the total cost for a stay in general do you know?

    • I think King’s pays for us so I didn’t pay anything! Try apply it as well, dear Thuy! I love my trip so much! XOXO

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