A circus?

Hello everyone!

As a Cultural and Creative Industries student here in London, I’ve been enjoying the diverse geners and media of performances. My favorite pastime is going to classical music concert at Royal Festival Hall, which is literally 5 minutes walk from the SSA student accommodation. However, today I would love to share with you my experience watching the Cirque du Soleil at Royal Albert Hall. I am sure many of you have heard about it, and probably have been amazed by its fantastic visual effects and theatre settings.

Kooza is just one of the 18 shows the team currently tour around the world. Although there’s a story line run through the show, honestly I couldn’t really follow it. I was enjoying the lively atmosphere brought by the main characters, but at the same time, sensing the melancholy from the clowns. The whole performance was interwoven with clowning stories as well as amazing, audacious and breathless acrobatics. I remembered during the one part, three girls were demonstrating extreme flexibility and seemed they don’t have the backbones, moving like a snake, I would say. I heard people exclaiming ‘Gee’ and scraming over the performance! I witnessed that all the actors were really challenging themselves, pushing themselves to the impossibilities we generally believe.

In the area where I was sitting, there were a group of school children. I really am envious at their opppotunity to watch the performance as part of their education. It is amazing to see that in this country, people are aware of the proportion of arts appreciation in children’s school life. Although this team is called a circus, we know there is more to enjoy. The show nailed it by its efforts on perfect link to the soundtracks, the splendid visual effects.

Lastly, International Students House regually offer student tickets for various shows. They offer unbelievably great bargains. I highly value their efforts and you need to be quick because the tickets are always sold out fast! Good luck on getting the student discounts!

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