Your War Studies Student Buddy


My name is Begum and I’m a second year undergraduate War Studies student. Where I come from (Turkey) has had a significant influence over my choice for this degree – the Ottoman Empire, the main focus of the majority of my history education, was bound in conflict and conquest for centuries. Contemporary Turkey, although not war bound, is immersed in Middle Eastern conflict, which is where my interest for International Relations has stemmed from.
I’ve been living in London for three years, which makes me (almost) qualified to give a piece of advice or two about living and studying in this amazing city. Good things are in abundance, so follow this blog to find out more about what King’s and London has to offer!


3 thoughts on “Your War Studies Student Buddy

  1. Dear Begum,
    Thank you for reaching out! I’ve read your blog with interest and got alot of good insights. In due course I will certainly want to receive your views on student life at Kings in terms of where to stay (student halls or rented apartments) and workload in the first year. I look forward to staying in touch.

    Kind Regards,
    Jahan Ara Aurangzeb

    • Thanks Jahan! I’m glad you are finding my posts useful. I’m off for Christmas Break but I’ll be back on the blogosphere in January. Happy Holidays!

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