Viva for Viva

A very special seminar took place at Department of European and International Studies’ research room at King’s Strand campus last Saturday. Just like the “Arab Spring”, this event was organized by my good friend, also a PhD researcher at King’s, through the Facebook group called ‘KCL New Thinker since 2012’. Participants were from various disciplines and some hadn’t met each other face to face!

The location was tricky and the organizer was considerate enough to give directions

As ‘What’s your research topic?’ was the most frequently asked question for us first year PhD students, our organizer proposed a different way of self-introduction to avoid aesthetic fatigue, which is to draw a picture and illustrate our research. (I suggested her quitting PhD and becoming a party planner, seriously.) Then the organizer provided useful information about PhD upgrade, including timing, requirements, paperwork, procedure and preparation. Our friend from Department of Informatics made some inspiring comments and encouraged us to be happy instead of worried about the upgrade, and I contributed some tips borrowed from a training course on upgrading. During the exciting Q&A session, two guest speakers who had successfully upgraded recently shared their experience and satisfied our curiosity about external examiner, unfamiliar questions, dress code, result notification…

The seminar closed with a nice group photo which is now the cover photo of our Facebook page. We’re working on group funding and hopefully more activities will come up!

KCL New Thinker since 2012

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