The Open Doors Project is an initiative to celebrate and support the success of Black & Minority Ethnic (BME)/People of Colour (POC) staff and students at King’s. The mentoring scheme and visual display are part of a wider initiative to implement the Race Equality Charter Mark, a national framework aimed at improving the representation, progression and success of BME staff and students within higher education.


Why BME/POC students?

The BME Student Success Project was established in January 2014, chaired by the Vice-Principal (Education), and comprised of King’s staff, KCLSU sabbatical officer Vice-President for Education and Ethnic Minorities Officer to take a strategic approach institutionally to improve the experience and outcomes of BME students. The BME Student Success Steering Group has been set up to support the university strategy to reduce the attainment gap, to provide guidance and support to faculties and to monitor data at undergraduate and postgraduate level.


Following feedback from focus groups, students:‘revealed an explicit awareness about the disproportionately low numbers of BME academic and teaching staff across the College and were conscious of their lack of visibility. There was also a majority consensus that the lack of representation of BME academic staff particularly at senior levels impacted who they could look up to as role models or potential mentors.’


The Open Doors Mentoring Scheme is one of a range of initiatives being implemented to improve the experience and outcomes of BME students. It aims to address some of the key issues raised by the BME student focus groups as well as helping to close the attainment gap.


The Open Doors Project and Display

At Kings, we also have a visual display of some of our talented and inspirational Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) staff and students. Displays can be found on door panels around our campuses. The main goal is to highlight the many and great contributions our BME staff and students are making to university life. Have a look around gain inspiration from great role models.


Not sure what Black & Minority Ethnic or People of Colour means? Find out here.