A Special Market to visit

I love Camden Town Market! And, let me start by saying there are not others like it in  London. I believe this to be the market with most character in the city.  And, if you visit it, or have been here, will agree with me. As soon as you start making your way to the market, in Camden Town Road, you notice at both sides of the street the extravagant decoration of the buildings. With a kind of a daring attitude their facades hold enormous and colorful figures consisting of giant converse shoes, legs wearing leather trousers or even a dragon. It may well be a whole experience for visitors.

The Market

There are two major areas. The Stable Market which was an old stable converted into what it is today the market; and the Camden Lock Market, located by the Regent’s Canal (one of my favorite part of the market). Both have enclosed and outdoor shops and stalls where you can find a wide range of things like clothes, food, crafts, jewels, furniture, decorative, books, antiques, etc. All are very creative things designed by local artist and sold at reasonable prices. In Christmas I bought for a friend a candle shaped as a bottle of champagne. She was amazed with the gift and was happy to know it was something she couldn’t find somewhere else.

The first time I visited it, as a tourist, was amazed by the variety of things they had in the market, and I continue to be. To me, somehow, here there is a representation of thousand of ways of living sharing in a single place. I found this fascinating, so when I came back to London in 2011 –this time as student- I officially became a fan of this place.

Many would say this is a place of underground culture where urban tribes meet and display their music and aesthetic. And, precisely this adds a touch that really makes this place very special and different to others in London.  Not only the wares they sold here are amazing, but also, the shops itself can be quirky and fun. I’m not talking about decoration this time, but I’m referring to stores having DJs and dancers performing live while you shop. So, this place will guarantee you fun!

The food

This is another aspect that keeps me back so often. Camden is definitively a good place to find food from everywhere in the world. You can find a fish & chips next to a place that sells ostrich burgers. There is food from every continent. And, again, the prices are completely affordable! Things like curries, Chinese dumplings, Argentinean “empanadas”, swiss raclette or Venezuelan arepas are available; and you can eat your food in very peculiar seats with view to the canal.

If you only go there for a drink the offer continue to be varied. For example, there is this a tea room where they offer loads of flavored herbs from which you can choose and even blend them to get the flavor you want. It is worth visiting it.

In a sense, the market is a lot like London: a place where diversity and fun come together.