Financial Benefits of Being a Student

Contrary to popular belief, there are many financial benefits to being a university student. The moment that your student card is placed in your hand, you become entitled to numerous student discounts. There are countless numbers of perks you can get in London while attending university. For one, students can go to many retail and food outlets and receive their purchases at reduced rates. So that hamburger and chips from your local area restaurant which would regularly cost seven pounds just became five pounds after showing the waiter your student card. Further discounts can be had if you obtain an NUS (National Union of Students) Extra Card. In addition, being a student entitles you to discounts at certain beauty and hair salons. This means that when you present your card to the hairdresser at the hair salon you can sometimes get a ten, twenty, or even greater discount from the total price of the treatment. However, finding a cheap place to get a haircut and blow dry can be hard. I would recommend going to the training salons around London as an inexpensive alternative to the high street salons. To the general public, they usually charge anywhere from three to thirty pounds for a haircut, colour, and blow dry. This rate can be much lower for students if you find the right hair training academy. These training salons are usually manned by hair students who are being trained by professional hair stylists, who assist the students in their work if necessary. These training academies are a great way to stay up to date with the latest hair styling trends.  They also allow you to indulge yourself, without spending a fortune, during the stresses of the academic year. So make sure to always have your student card on hand when you are out exploring the wonderful sights that London has to offer its university students!

I was able to go to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral by participating in an Unlocking London event and getting a discounted ticket with my student card.

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