Hey y’all! I’m Laura. I’m a 23 year old Nineteenth Century Studies Master’s Student at King’s College, London.

My program is based at the Strand campus, which puts me right in the heart of London. Location was a key factor in choosing my program – who doesn’t want to spend a year in London? – but King’s also offered the only program combining nineteenth century British history and literature at the postgraduate level. My program is only in its second year, which means I have a lot of power to shape the course as well as my own curriculum. It also means that there are bumps along the way.

This blog will be about my life as a postgraduate student at King’s, and as a Texan in London. It will cover everything from essay frenzies (the first are usually the worst) to travel, language barriers (all English is NOT created equal), and coping with the cold. Feel free to leave questions/comments!