It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

As a literature student, I just couldn’t resist such a famous reference. After all, this week included the best and worst parts of being a student.

It began with the worst, as essay deadlines bore down. Most of the undergraduate students don’t have their exams for another couple of weeks, but as a postgraduate, your essay deadlines are determined by your department, and, in some cases, your professor. This means that most of my friends still have one essay to work on, whereas my essays are already in (woo-hoo!). It also meant that the first half of the week was rough, as I left various events early to continue research and essay drafts, and lived almost exclusively on pizza. It was not a pretty sight. There was a lot of red pen and pajamas.

Now that I’m done with essays, though, I’m getting to enjoy all the perks of being a student. For one thing, I’ve gotten to watch my hard work pay off in essay marks. For another, I’ve been free to enjoy the amazing weather we’ve been having – and so have my student friends! Spring has finally sprung here in London, so yesterday included a picnic in Hyde Park. It looked like half of the city was out, which was lovely. It’s the first time I’ve seen roller bladers around here, but there are an impressive number! There are also adorable dogs, affectionate couples, excited children, relaxed sunbathers, and, of course, students. I have every intention of researching my dissertation exclusively in parks if they continue to look like this:

Don’t you just want to run through it spinning, singing ‘the hills are alive…with the sound of music!’ Or is that just me?

Especially now that the sun doesn’t set until after 8. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this city? Because I do. And now I’m off to enjoy it some more.


ps – I’m happy to do posts on almost anything that interests you about London/being a postgraduate student, so please, let me know what you’d like to read about!

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