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Enthusiastic about Commercial and Financial Law? Get your views heard and publish online with the KSLR Commercial and Financial Law Blog.


The KSLR Commercial and Financial Law Blog is a student-run blog, part of the King’s College London Law Review. We publish articles written by students, professionals and academics on topics related to commercial and financial law.

We are now accepting posts between 500-2,000 words which fulfils our criteria:

  • relating to Commercial, Competition and Financial Law – This can be in the form of an Article, Case Comment, Book Review or Featured Presentation.
  • Submissionsrelating to current or topical issues are desirable.
  • Submission needs to be targeted to our audience, who are students, professionals and academics.
  • Plagiarised or inaccurate articles will be rejected.

For more details, please go to Publish with Us section or contact one of us directly by sending an e-mail to

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