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The King’s Student Law Review (KSLR) is a King’s College London publication. It is completely edited by King’s College London students, and seeks to publish the very best of legal scholarship written by students at King’s and other leading law schools. The KSLR is listed in the international database HeinOnline.

We are no longer now accepting papers for Volume VIII Issue II. 

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Giulia Gentile – The “Crossed Judicial Scrutiny” of the European Court of Human Rights and International Court of Justice: A Plea for Reforms in Order to Enhance Coordination Between International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law

Sicheng Zhu – Performance Interest and Unconscionability in Affirmation Cases

Nafees Ahmad – The Constitution-Based Approach of Indian Judiciary to The Refugee Rights and Global Standards of the UN Convention

Jasmin Ziegelbecker – Science and Law: An (Un)likely Kinship? How International Courts and Tribunals Solve Scientific Issues

Hillary Chua – Designer Babies and the Law: A Legal Analysis of Human Germline Editing in Light of the UK’s Human Rights Obligations

Monique Law – R2P: Activating the International Community’s Responsibility to Protect by Shifting Focus Away from Collective Action by the Security Council Towards Early Warning and Prevention

Jake Lewis – Achieving Relational Justice for Doctor and Patient

Jan Linhart – Can Industry-Wide Self-Regulation in The UK Banking Sector Succeed? A Law and Economics Perspective

Harshit Rai and Madangi Ramakrishna – Safeguarding Investor Interests via Multilateral Approach to Expropriations

Dario Chiari – Is Corporate Social Responsibility So Soft? The Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Unfair Commercial Practice Law

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