LATEST POST: Athena SWAN and Gender Equality at KCL

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LAHP Doctoral Training Opportunity

5 Must-Reads: History of Labour

5 Must-Reads: Concepts and Words in History

KCL’s Monuments Marathon and Parks & Palaces Plod

Top Tips for the Part-Time Postgrad

Visions of Europe and the Brexit Debate

5 Must-Reads: Early Modern Atlantic Piracy

Including Women – a post by Professor Laura Gowing on women’s inclusion, past and present.

A History Degree in Action: Hangmen: Re-hanged and Live Cinema Conference 2016

The Pepys Estate Project and Film

Beyond the SS Empire Windrush: London’s Black History in the Archives


You can look forward to blog posts on topics including:

  • Conference Participation far from Home
  • Research Adventures in the Caribbean
  • And many more…

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This blog has a different function.  We want to share with each other and with you the kinds of research and teaching we are doing.  Some posts will explore the history of History as a discipline at King’s. Others will enter into debates with current controversies in our areas of research interest.

The research community at King’s consists of over 50 full-time scholars and teachers, and over 100 graduate students.  We include historians of Australia, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe.  We hope these posts will open up new conversations inside and out of King’s

The 2016 blog team:

Vincent Hiribarren, Lecturer in Modern African History

Tom Colville, Ph.D. student in early modern cultural and intellectual history and digital champion


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