Staff News

Dr Edoardo Bressanelli has written an article with Dr Christel Kopp (Department of Political Economy) and Dr Christine Reh (University College London):

  • Koop, C., Reh, C. and E. Bressanelli (forthcoming), “When Politics Prevails: Parties, Elections and Loyalty in the European Parliament”. European Journal of Political Research

Dr Angelos Chryssogelos hhas appeared on a radio show “Manuale d’Europa Instruzioni d’uso per i cittadini europei” on the Italian station Radio1.

Dr Emmy Eklundh has been commenting on the referendum in Catalonia for CNN International, Sky News, LBC Radio, and Radio Free Europe.

Dr Katrin Schreiter has published a journal article with Central European History:

Agnieszka Witudo has contributed to publication of the European Parliamentary Research Service:

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