Welcome to the Fulbright Summer Institute at King’s College London!

Following a well received UK Fulbright Summer Institute at King’s College London last summer the College has been given the opportunity to host three UK Fulbright Summer Institutes over the coming three years.

From 30 June -20 July 2013  King’s will be holding a summer institute for undergraduate Fulbright Scholars, themed Leading, Inventing, and Reinventing: The British City, Past and Present.Four Fulbright scholars will attend the King’s College London Summer School funded by the Fulbright Commission and King’s. In addition to the attendance of an intensive, academically challenging and interactive module, the students will learn leadership skills in Fulbright Masterclasses, provided by professionals and academics.

Using London as their classroom, they will learn to understand and read cities as social, economic, political and cultural engines that will drive the world forward into the 21st century.

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