The Tech Talk

On Monday the 17th of March, I gave KCL Tech’s new (and from now on, annual) short seminar, which serves as an introduction to the world of startups, programming and hackathons. We called it: The Tech Talk.The Tech Talk is aimed everyone out there: whether you’re students reading computer science, law, medicine, business, maths, physics, philosophy, history, ANYTHING! The point of the talk was simple: you need not be in Computer Science to be involved in the tech industry and in the booming startup scene. It aims to establish the fact that in order to get involved in the tech world, to attend tech-related events, to build your own website, to make your own iPhone app, or even to start your own tech-related business: you do not have to have a tech-related background.

We had guest speakers too! The founder of niume, Daniel Gennaoui, came and also gave a short talk about his experience in being a tech startup founder. Dani is currently a Maths student here at King’s.

Daniel Gennaoui, demoing Niume at the Tech Talk

Daniel Gennaoui, demoing niume at the Tech Talk

We also had another guest speaker, Peter Lewis, who is finishing his PhD in Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London. He co-founded voXup at StartupWeekend London in April 2013, an event that I attended myself.

Around forty students attended, and the feedback was amazing. I’m really looking forward to giving this talk next year! If you’re going to be in King’s next year, I hope you’ll be there to hear it!

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