HackKing’s – We Got It Right The First Time

Last weekend, the KCL Tech Society, which I am very proudly part of, organised King’s largest tech event in history: HackKing’s, the most successful first-time student-run hackathon in the UK.

We had the largest companies sponsoring us:

  • Facebook (Yes! THE Facebook!) was giving out a prize to attendees every hour!
  • Codecademy gave the grand prize winners Skype interviews for summer internships in their US headquarters!
  • Index Ventures offered a £15,000 investment to the most impressive idea!
  • Onfider offered an office space in Central London!
  • JUST-EAT bought everyone dinner (80 PIZZA BOXES!) and also gave out a £100 voucher to the best use of their software API!
  • SendGrid gave wireless speakers!
  • TreeHouse and LiveCode gave out half a dozen subscriptions!

Being one of the organisers, I have to say that HackKing’s went fantastically well. We accomplished so much more than we thought, and we’ve attracted a hundred talented developers and designers who are creating some of the most incredible applications, devices and software that I have ever heard of or seen.

Our attendees came in from all around the country: students from Manchester, Southampton, Nottingham, St. Andrews (in Scotland!), and Oxford were all part of the hackathon! From London, we had students come in from SOAS, Imperial, Goldsmiths, City University, UCL and Brunel!

We met so many people from different companies, and learned and mastered so many skills in a small amount of time. Some of us were even offered job and internship opportunities on the spot!

Check out the full photo album here.


Keep it up, KCL Tech Society! Let’s keep doing this!

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