Microbes and mates

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Microbiome research has not yet reshaped our conceptions of mental health etiology and treatment (see my previous article), but it should be causing havoc in the social sciences – particularly for anthropologists, who have long sought to understand cross-cultural conceptions of the ‘individual’ and ‘relatedness’.

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Microbes and minds

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 It might surprise you that your body is made up of only 10% human cells. There are trillions of microscopic creatures living and dying all over you, and these are particularly diverse and numerous in the human gut. Mounting evidence suggests that microbes aren’t all enemies but are vital to…

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Refugees and Mental Health – part 2

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Every year millions of children are faced with the severe consequences associated with war and displacement. The traumatising effects of witnessing scenes of graphic violence as a young child are difficult to overestimate and even harder to reverse. In the face of such extreme adversity, it is important to understand…

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