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Microbes and minds

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 It might surprise you that your body is made up of only 10% human cells. There are trillions of microscopic creatures living and dying all over you, and these are particularly diverse and numerous in the human gut. Mounting evidence suggests that microbes aren’t all enemies but are vital to…

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“So that means there’s nothing you can do about it…?” – Understanding the relationship between aetiology and intervention in psychiatric research

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One of the main challenges associated with conveying findings from behavioural genetic research concerns the relationship between aetiology and intervention. In part, this is because of the widely-held understanding among the lay public that something being “in your genes” means that your fate is sealed. But this challenge is more…

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Cognitive behaviour therapy for adolescent body dysmorphic disorder: latest findings and future directions

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Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) affects up to 2% of the population and is associated with serious impairment and disruption among sufferers. Yet, compared to other psychiatric problems, it remains relatively under-researched. Here, I describe our findings from a recent study of the efficacy of cognitive behavioural therapy for adolescent BDD.

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