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Online anonymity for child and adolescent mental health: are there benefits as well as costs?

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For many parents, the concept of ‘online anonymity’ has almost exclusively negative connotations. The dangers of so-called ‘cyberbullying’ are regularly highlighted in the media, and are rightly cause for concern. But there are also ways in which online anonymity can benefit young people. While not necessarily as headline-grabbing, these benefits should…

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My transition from Early Career Researcher to Principal Investigator (or: how to maintain self belief as you let go of more and more of the detail)

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I found the transition from Early Career Researcher (ECR) to Principal Investigator (PI) much harder than I expected, and not just for the obvious reasons. One clear distinction between these stages is grant income, and I, like most academics have had difficulty building up a solid stream of grant funding….

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Refugees and Mental Health – part 1

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The idyllic Greek Island of Lesvos accommodated an influx of nearly half a million refugees fleeing civil war and persecution in Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere in 2015. Most travelled on, and far fewer refugees have been arriving since the EU-Turkey deal in March 2016. But 61,000 are still in Greece…

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