Podcasting and basic audio editing workshop report

Following on from my previous blog post ‘Podcasting and vodcasting for busy academic staff‘, I recently ran a¬†podcasting workshop in October for staff at King’s. There was a lot of interest in the use of podcasts for education and departmental projects from a number of attendees, each having various reasons for wanting to engage with this form of technology.
I started the workshop by highlighting what technology we shall be using, namely Audacity, SoundCloud and the King’s VLE. The introduction led into a description of what podcasts can be used for and how they are dependant on the content, audience and also what the plan is for future productions. Some of the attendees plans for podcasting were for lecture recordings, departmental briefings/interviews and also sharing some personal interests that they had, but wanted to use something more engaging than just a PDF document on a web page.
I mentioned that existing podcasts were very useful in academic environments to enhance teaching and also provide opportunities for professional development through listening to other peoples opinions and views. For example the number of podcasts and audio books that are being used in language learning has given people from around the globe the opportunity to access an introduction and basics of nearly any language they desire.

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3rd CTEL Workshop: “Free software to aid TEL content production”

Woman with laptop

Less is more, or less“: Free software to aid TEL content production
Date: 18th of April from 2:30pm to 4:30pm.
Room: 1.68 Franklin Wilkins Building

Colleagues that know or use free software (web, downloadable or already freely accessible at KCL) were invited to share their tips with the rest of the group by demonstrating something for 5 minutes or less. This included software to edit audio, images, cartoons, animations, infographics and others.

The main idea for this workshop was to show as many free resources as possible and to compile a list of useful tools.

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