CPD communication strategy

The Centre for Technology Enhanced learning launched a full programme of CPD workshops for the 2013-2014 academic year, which proved to be a success. I would like to discuss my experience of setting up and implementing the CPD communication strategy.

The main aim was to increase the visibility of the CPD workshops that the Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning (CTEL) offered staff, and to improve staff attendance in the CPD workshops. The communication strategy involved finding out the various promotion avenues across the College, and meeting relevant members of the internal communication team to get further advice on how best to utilise the promotion opportunities. After going through the College intranet, I was able to find the contact details of the communication teams across King’s. Continue reading

A meeting to drive CTEL’s research strategy

A meeting on the 17th of September brought together a group of TEL experts from across the College to discuss how the ‘stimulating and contributing to research vibrancy in TEL’ CTEL activity area would be suitably developed. The objective of the meeting was to invite contributions towards the development of a research strategy.

The meeting generated some very interesting ideas about the direction that the Centre’s research strategy would need to take for maximum impact across the College and the UK/internationally.

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