Narrated PowerPoints: Example uses, benefits, help and support

Lately, there has been a significant expression of interest by members of staff at King’s College London in learning how to create narrated PowerPoints and use them for teaching. Actually, some academics have already started using narrated PowerPoints; others have been inspired by colleagues that have been doing this for some time and want to try this out themselves.

For example, you can take a look at my previous blog post Narrated PowerPoints: A TEL case study, in which Dr Barbara Daniels describes her experience with using narrated PowerPoints as pre-class material (flipped classroom). The response from students have been so positive that has motivated a considerable number of academics  from the same department to follow a training session on “How to create narrated PowerPoints”.

Therefore, due to this increasing interest expressed around the college, I thought I would give some examples examples on how you can use a narrated PowerPoint  for teaching, what are benefits from it and what kind of help and support you can get if you want to try this out.

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Narrated PowerPoints: A TEL case study

Dr. Barbara Daniels, Head of MSc in Forensic Science at King’s College London, has shared her experience on creating narrated PowerPoints to help students with their education.

Her aim was to get away from didactic lectures as she thinks that they are boring. To achieve that, she decided to create narrated PowerPoints that students would go through on their own time. This way, she could use the lecture time to have “workshops” as she thinks that this has a higher value in terms of contact time. Continue reading