An update on the King’s Assessment and Feedback project

As the College-wide Assessment and Feedback pilot project moves into its second Session, the team is engaged in several streams of activity:

  • Taking the opportunity to review the work done in the last Session, with 8 programmes of study across 5 Schools and Institutes, and planning a second phase of development and collaboration with programme teams.
  • Engaging with additional programmes, taking the total number of programmes to 13, with a total of 3922 of enrolled students across 7 Faculties, Institutes and Schools.
  • Working with programme leaders on producing a graphical assessment landscape, describing the relationship between assessment and feedback activities.
  • Creating graphical distributions of assessment types across a programme, to illustrate and explore the rationale behind its design.
  • Building a bank of case studies, which demonstrate the innovative and effective assessment and feedback activity currently in place across King’s. Throughout, these refer to recommended practices arising from empirical work on the topic.
  • Building a practical toolkit for staff and students at King’s, including guides to assessment for the busy academic and student, templates for mapping assessment relationships across academic programmes and practical tips for enhancing assessment and feedback design.

I have been with the project for two months, and remain indebted to the generosity of my predecessor, Dr. Julie Moote, in dealing with my footling questions as they arise. I have also been delighted by the spirit of collaboration and engagement of busy colleagues around the institution, as we pursue this shared endeavour. I look forward to pursuing the next stage of this work, and providing some tangible benefits to partner programmes, as well as to the wider King’s community.

Bryan Taylor
Research Assistant
College-Wide Assessment and Feedback Project
Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere software is a simple Audience Response System application that enables you to engage with your class via real time online feedback. Students respond by accessing a web site on their own personal internet connected device (laptop, tablet or smartphone), by sending SMS (text) messages or using Twitter.

Further Info

Poll Everywhere is an application that is simple to set up and use. You create polls and quizzes in advance of your session, and students answer multiple choice or open questions during the session. The poll or quiz is updated, in real time, with their answers and you can decide on whether to display them. Advanced uses include marking answers as correct, registering students to track achievement and using questions with clickable images. You are also able to embed these polls within Microsoft PowerPoint which makes a seamless experience for both academic and student. In addition you are able to analyse responses through its reporting features.

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PIT your wits: The Performance Indicator Tool (PIT)

Most students dread final examinations, sitting in a row in a big hall where they are asked to recall facts they have crammed in the past week (Fig 1).

Figure 1. The much feared examination hall

Figure 1. The much feared examination hall

But it doesn’t have to be just like that – other methods of assessment are already being used – and this includes formative assessment amongst others (eg peer, self, authentic assessments etc). Even blogs like this could be used.

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