The ‘Course Visualiser’

Course Visualiser

Course Visualiser

We have made a start on the first KOOCs (King’s Open Online Courses – for King’s students). The first approved KOOCs will be tailored to Bioscience Students on the themes of Academic Writing, Statistics and Ethics.

With this in mind we have designed a course structure to be followed by all courses, based on the learning design model: ICARE (Introduction, Connect, Apply, Reflect, Extend) -Hoffman and Ritchie, 1998- and inspired by other already familiar platforms such as FutureLearn or the Open University. This structure builds upon the familiarisation of the users with the system by reducing the learning curve and hopefully maintaining students motivation to learn (Tidwell, 2010). Continue reading

And the winner is… a patient?

We have been nominated for a Nursing Times Award 2013, in the category of ‘Patient Safety Improvement’.

The inter professional and cross – School  team that worked together in the  ‘Keeping patients safe’ project is one of ten teams nominated for this category. (

Something about the project:

It has been identified that medication safety requires an interdisciplinary approach (DH, 2004/2006). The intention of each of the interactive resources produced and used during this project was to illustrate real cases. Cases where different medical professionals have participated in the care of a patient and how communication issues might have lead to medication errors.

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Creating animations with GoAnimate

In the past few months I have been creating short animations using the GoAnimate platform. With a few caveats, I recommend it for anyone who is looking for an easy way to create animations online.

Once you have signed up for an account, you start with choosing a theme. GoAnimate offer sixteen free themes: from business to outer space to anime.

To edit, just drag and drop elements into the video editor screen. For each theme, there are a number of available characters, scene backgrounds, objects, music and effects. In addition, you can use elements from other themes, as well as upload your own content.

You can assign poses, actions, and dialogues to the characters. For the dialogues, GoAnimate provides an automated speech creation tool, but for better results it is better to upload recorded audio. The characters automatically lip-sync to their dialogs.


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