Photography tips: The Rule of Thirds

If you decide to use images within your learning materials, why not make the most of them? Improving your photographic skills might improve not only your student’s experience, but in the process, yours!

The famous ‘Rule of Thirds’
Diagram of the Rule of ThirdsThe Rule of Thirds is a principle that helps you frame a scene or portrait in a way that has been found to be pleasing to the human eye. Get this rule right and your photography is half way there, to somewhere.

It is very simple. While looking through your camera’s viewfinder or screen, you divide with imaginary lines the frame in three equal parts horizontally and three equal parts vertically (some cameras already display lines with this purpose).  You apply this both when taking pictures in ‘portrait’ (vertically) or ‘landscape’ (horizontally) format.

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And the winner is… a patient?

We have been nominated for a Nursing Times Award 2013, in the category of ‘Patient Safety Improvement’.

The inter professional and cross – School  team that worked together in the  ‘Keeping patients safe’ project is one of ten teams nominated for this category. (

Something about the project:

It has been identified that medication safety requires an interdisciplinary approach (DH, 2004/2006). The intention of each of the interactive resources produced and used during this project was to illustrate real cases. Cases where different medical professionals have participated in the care of a patient and how communication issues might have lead to medication errors.

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