Ready, steady… KOOC (Part 2)

… continuing from our previous blog entry Ready, steady… KOOC (Part 1)

3. Brand consistency

Brand consistency samplesWe wanted all KOOC elements to be easily identifiable and so templates were created for the purpose of developing a consistent brand that would visually encompass all elements: KEATS (Moodle) interface, Videos, Multimedia objects, Google hangouts, additional textual resources…

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Filming interviews: some tips

We are currently producing different types of film footage, some used as part of teaching and learning materials and other in the form of interviews showcasing the work of King’s academics and developers in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL).

Interview pointers: decorative images

Casting and props by Elena Hernandez-Martin

We hope that as well as showing good work and interesting projects, sharing these interviews will inspire and encourage other colleagues to make the jump and ‘join the club’ of TEL.

Not long ago I introduced the following pointers, at one of our King’s e-developers workshops, as part of a longer presentation on the subject. If you are thinking of filming an interview, this information might come in handy as a quick reference to some of the elements that you will need to think about.

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